The Portrait Mastery Series is now live! I’m so excited guys - this course is the culmination of a journey that started when I first picked up a camera, over a decade ago.
I’ve shared everything I know, both in the studio, and the digital darkroom, and I couldn’t be more proud of how it turned out. 

The English course is over 2 hours long and includes all the information on shooting and editing portraits with flash and natural light. All my author's schemes and techniques, my tips and tricks in one high-quality video tutorial.

It is as if you find yourself in my photo studio and completely immerse yourself in the filming process. We tried to show in as much detail as possible all the nuances and subtleties of shooting my portraits.

You will learn not only to shoot, but also to make the most natural, fast and inconspicuous retouching. What will only emphasize the uniqueness of your model and reveal its beauty.

As a gift you get my popular Lightroom presets for photo editing and styles for Capture One.
The lesson has 
no restrictions on access and time. After payment, it is always available for viewing.

Bonus! My author's PDF guide to shooting an artistic portrait.

Special winter price 39 USD only for 2 classes.
PayPal vinograd_off@rambler.ru

To purchase, please write your request here:

Thank you!
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